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One onion and a nail completely gets rid of ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches. A magical recipe.

 Insects are one of the most problems we face in the summer, and we seek to get rid of it in every way, at the time when its family is afraid of using chemical pesticides which are very effective in killing all insects and worms once and for all, but it is a double-edged weapon In it cause some damage to People with respiratory distress, besides their prices being high, should find other ways to get rid of the insects.

One onion and a nail completely gets rid of ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches.

An effective way to get rid of insects:

The onion recipe is one of the best insecticide recipes, because it kills all the insects that are present in the house definitively, and it does not cause any harm to the health of people inside the house, but it only causes insect suffocation, but it should be taken into account to clean and ventilate the house every day.


  • First wash a medium sized onion and put in a cup.
  • It is covered with aluminum foil and left in a place where many insects are present.

Steps to get rid of household insects:

  1. When the house is constantly cleaned and ventilated, in this case it is always clean and fresh and does not have any flying insects.
  2. Insects can be prevented from entering the house by trimming the branches of any tree that allow insects to be present on it.
  3. Using peppermint oil is one of the most important things that is used in repelling and eliminating mosquitoes and insects completely, as it is one of the things that have a very strong smell.