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How to get rid of flies and mosquitoes

Many face many problems because of flies, mosquitoes and mosquitoes, one of the most important of these problems is that they find it difficult to sleep.

How to get rid of flies and mosquitoes in the house, today we review all the details about it, as there are many people who wonder about this issue, especially in the summer.

How to get rid of flies and mosquitoes

Summer season is a suitable environment for the spread of insects like flies and mosquitoes because they live in the hot weather I in winter we notice their disappearance due to the cold weather so summer is their breeding season so they are in plenty at home causing people to be crowded from their homes but they take refuge N to get rid of these insects by buying pesticides for the eradication On flying and crawling insects, but these pesticides cause apnea and many diseases that are harmful to humans because they are harmful chemicals, through the following lines we will give you the best natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes and flying insects without chemicals.

How to get rid of mosquitoes and insects with onions

Due to the widespread spread of mosquitoes and insects in the summer, people are seeking to reach a solution to permanently eradicate mosquitoes and insects without returning home with natural recipes, one of the most important:

Onion in eliminating insects and mosquitoes, onion is one of the most important natural recipes because it has a strong smell that makes it suitable to be used in repelling insects and mosquitoes, there is an easy and fast way to repel insects and mosquitoes. We prepare a medium-sized onion and prepare it for use, then n Put the onion in a cup and bring aluminum foil and make By covering the cup well, bring a pin or toothpick and make small holes to get the onion smell out of it, which repels mosquitoes and insects from the house, in a natural way without resorting to harmful chemicals.

By applying this recipe you will completely get rid of mosquitoes and all flying insects as well as rodents, because they can't stand the smell of onions