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6 dangerous habits that destroy the smartphone.

Dangerous habits destroy the smartphone as everyone wants to extend the life of their smartphone and get a high level of performance during the duration of use, we urge all users to refrain from all harmful practices of the device. This includes installing viruses and malware, as well as inappropriate charging. It must be cleaned properly in order to be correct and sound.

6 dangerous habits that destroy the smartphone.

Dangerous habits destroy the smartphone

ZDNet highlighted the many flaws and unwanted behaviors that some smartphone users engage in on a regular basis, depleting mobile phones and having a significant impact on their performance efficiency, as well as destroying them in a short period of time.

Use alcohol to clean the screen

Alcohol leakage between the layers of the screen may completely destroy it, necessitating the installation of a replacement screen, it may also leak into the seals and damage the glue that holds the screen in place, reducing the phone's water and dust resistance.

In order to take advantage of the appropriate technique, a soft cloth should be sprayed with a gentle cleaner and then clean the screen with a wet cloth to prevent leaks that may damage the phone.

Unreliable Ads

We advise everyone to avoid visiting unreliable ads. Users can download items from a website containing ads from unreliable sources, resulting in phone hacking and theft of personal data and information when clicking on ads, which may contain links destroying the phone.

Heating the phone

Placing the phone in areas with high temperatures may lead to high battery temperature, as the phone in the car should not be left directly exposed to the sun, but we advise to leave it in cold places to protect it.

Shipper is inauthentic

When the user charges the phone with a non-original charger that is not compatible with the battery, this can significantly weaken the battery, accelerating its degradation, and may eventually lead to rapid battery drain necessitating replacement. Fast charging may also damage the battery.

The phone is not updated

Older phones may be insufficiently secure as a result of rapid technological advances, as hackers develop viruses that can lead to access and hacking of the phone and access to personal data and information, which can empty bank accounts; Therefore, the phone should be updated regularly.

Leave the phone overnight to charge

It is dangerous that can destroy the phone and battery leaving the phone on the charger overnight, as this raises the battery temperature, which can cause injury or death if the battery explodes.